Latest updates to theCHARioT Smart IOT Device

The latest version of theCHARioT app now has TABS that makes it even easier to set up theCHARioT Smart IOT device. Below are a selection of the screenshots from the App.

Home Easy HE105 with theCHARioTSiemens RDJ10RF Thermostat added to theCHARioTEasy Setup Page for theCHARioTAdd new RF Devices to theCHARioT
Screenshots for theCHARioT app

The first two images show the MAIN operational TAB and we have now added a drop down list for you to select the RF device you wish to control. The images show the original Home Easy HE105 Central Heating switch and the recently added Siemens RDJ10RF Boiler Thermostat. The drop down list also includes the popular Status RF controlled sockets and low cost RF controlled relays. The third image shows the improved controls available for theCHARioT together with additional notifications and the improved event scheduling.

Maximum and minimum temperature settings are now selected from a drop down list and there are buttons to enable and disable PUSH and Email messages from the App. You are now able to schedule four separate ON and OFF times each day for your RF devices. The final image above shows the new “RF cloning” feature and we will post a separate article on this in due course but basically it allows us to add more and more RF devices to theCHARioT Smart IOT device.

Below are a couple of photos of the Home Easy HE 105 and Siemens RDJ10RF control units together with their standard remote controls. Hopefully this will help you recognise them if you already have these RF devices.  Don’t forget though that the Smart element of theCHARioT is the flexibility of the system which allows us to add an almost unlimited number of RF devices.

Home Easy HE105 with theCHARioT Siemens RDJ10RF Thermostat now works with theCHARioT

With the latest update for theCHARioT we feel there is no absolutely no need to go out and buy a British Gas Hive Thermostat or a Google Nest Smart Thermostat as regular RF controlled thermostats can be controlled over the internet for a fraction of the price. You may already have a thermostat that can be controlled over the internet with theCHARioT app and even if you don’t theCHARioT complete package is available with the Home Easy HE105 thermostat. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are ready order theCHARioT.

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