Set up the CHARioT

Detailed instructions for setting up the CHARioT.

When you provide power for the first time to the CHARioT a wireless access point (AP) will become available with the name of THECHARIOT as shown in the image below. Make a WiFi connection to the AP with the password you received with the product.


Then click the following url in your web browser and it will bring up the front page of the CHARioT AP.

The CHARioT WiFI AP front page

Click Configure WiFi and it will show available WiFi networks in your immediate vicinity. Select the WiFi network that relates to your broadband router (in our case Office) and enter the password for your network. The other 6 boxes should be populated with default settings but if you clear the field you will see the field descriptions as shown in the following picture.

The CHARioT WiFI AP Parameters

You will have received a Security Token via email when you purchased the CHARiot. Cut and paste it from the email into the Security Token box if it needs updating.  The email will also identify the latest firmware version for the CHARioT which you enter in the Firmware Version box. The 4 remaining boxes are as follows:

  • Maximum Temperature setting in Centigrade
  • Minimum Temperature setting in Centigrade
  • A Calibtation % for the thermostatic sensor inside the CHARioT
  • A Timezone adjustment, London GMT is 0, Cyprus would be 2 (GMT +2 hours), Moscow 3 (GMT + 3 hours), Beijing 8, New York -5 (GMT -5 hours), Las Vegas -8.

The completed screen is shown below and you can now save the settings. You are only required to enter these details when you first receive the CHARioT or if you change your broadband router details e.g. if you move house.

The CHARioT WiFI AP completed pageThe CHARioT is now fully operational and you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of the very latest ioT thermostat.

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