How does the CHARioT differ from other smart thermostats on the market?

The CHARiot has a uniquely flexible design that allows us to add features much quicker than other manufacturers of smart thermostats. The actual design of the CHARioT is what makes it smart, not the way the thermostat controls the central heating. Technology is still moving on at an alarming pace and you don’t want to buy an ioT device that is way behind the times in 12 months.

Is the CHARioT controlled with an Android / iPhone App?

Yes, we have Android and iPhone apps for the CHARioT and they are constantly evolving to include the ever changing design of the CHARioT. You might even be reading this FAQ on our  ‘Introducing the CHARioT  Device‘ app. If you don’t already have the app on your Android smartphone / tablet we recommend you install it now as it has a few features than are not available from a regular web page.

How does the app for the CHARioT differ from the apps available from other suppliers of smart thermostats?

The app is built from modules which makes development faster and ultimately results in a lower cost end product for you the consumer. The modular concept also makes it much quicker to update the app when new features are added to the CHARioT. 

Does the CHARioT receive firmware updates over the internet?

Yes we use a secure server to deliver regular firmware updates over the internet to the CHARioT. You can also load bespoke firmware over the air (OTA) to the CHARioT via a web browser. The bespoke firmware is for users that already own approved RF boiler switches and wish to control it via the internet with the CHARioT. We also offer bespoke firmware to users that have special needs not normally required by mainstream users of the CHARioT.

Do we provide installation instructions for the RF boiler switch that comes with the CHARioT?

Yes an online guide is provided for the CHARioT users to pass to their qualified electricians. The installation is very straightforward and no more difficult than wiring up a new socket. You need to ensure that the installation is carried out in compliance with the electrical safety standards in your country.

Can the CHARioT control other RF devices over the internet?

Yes as long as we can decode the RF signal then your RF device can be controlled over the internet with the CHARioT. We have decoded numerous devices over the last couple of years and will work with users to decode new products as they become available.  

Where are the CHARioT's made and how long does it take to receive it once I place an order?

The CHARioT is manufactured in the EU and delivery times vary depending on your location but normally you will receive the system within 2 weeks.

What is the operating voltage of the boiler switch and the frequency of the RF transmitter inside the CHARioT?

The boiler switch operates at 240V but any voltage below should be fine. The RF transmitter operates at 433.92 Mhz, please ensure this is a legal operating frequency in your country. In Europe, Africa, most of the Middle East, the former Soviet Union and Mongolia the 433.92 Mhz frequency is license free.

What range can we expect with the CHARioT ?

It varies for each property and depends where it is located, other RF devices in the vicinity and the type and construction of the property. From our testing, for properties with concrete floors between ground and first floor and steel reinforcing bars in the walls the range is at least 20 meters (considerably further in the open air if your RF devices operate outdoors). With wooden floors and without steel reinforcing bars the range is a little further. Our experience is that the unit is fine for apartments and medium sized houses. We do have range extenders available if you have a bigger property that is not covered by the normal operating range of the CHARioT.

How can the range of the CHARioT be improved?

We supply the CHARioT with the RF transmitter aerial wound round in a tight spiral. In our opinion they look better with the aerial curled and make it easier to ship the units to you but if you remove the curls the range will be extended. You may want to fit your own aerial too. Another way to improve the range is to increase the voltage supply to the transmitter. With the USB connection the transmitters operate at 3.3V but they are rated up to 12V so a significant increase in range is possible. Please ask for details if you wish to feed the transmitters with 12V and ensure you use a common ground.

Does the RF controlled switch fit a standard wall socket enclosure?

Yes the switch fits a standard 90mm x 90mm x 40mm wall enclosure as shown in the photo below. If you are modifying an existing installation you shouldn’t need a new enclosure but we can provide one free of charge if you need one. The postage and packing will be a little extra though as the enclosure takes the overall weight into the next pricing scale with our shipping agent.

Standard 90 x 90 x 40 casing.

Is the CHARioT available without the boiler controller?

The system we offer was designed, coded and tested as a complete package and we feel it offers excellent value for money for our customers.  The CHARioT has been tested with various RF boiler controllers and we do sell the CHARioT to individuals that already have an approved RF operated boiler switch. Please contact us for details if you wish to use the CHARioT with an existing  system.